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Companies Formation in UAE Specifically in Abu Dhabi Emirate From the scratch, including: business Setup Proposal, Plan & Time Frame, here are few of steps services we can assist:[Trade Name Reservation] [ Security Approvals for the Partners from the related Authorities as per the activities which the Client wish to Practice] [Local Sponsor/Agent If Required ] [ Support in Drafting/Notarizing all Related Company Articles / Local Agent Agreement] [ Support in Finding the Suitable Business Location to start your Business from Whether, Office, Shop, Showroom, Warehouse or Store with our Real Estate experienced team] [ Obtaining all related government Approval linked to your Licenses] [Support in Issuance , Renewal , Amendment and cancellation all Licenses whether Commercial, Professional or Industrial with all types of legal Forms]

Visa and immigration Services

We Support our Clients in Their Human Resources and Public Relations Matters Such as: Visa Services in an A-Z Full Package: [Employment, Mission, Visit Visa] Issuance / Renewal / Amendment and cancellation: since we take the responsibility to Carry all Necessary Transaction on your Behalf to Execute the Required Service.

Employees Personal Services:

As most of your employees May needs an Guidelines or Typing or Submission and Collection of their Family or Domestics Helper such as Entry Permits,  Residence Visas, Medical Test Assistance, Emirates Identity Card Process, Vehicle Registrations Renewals , Driving License Renewal ,  

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Medical Test Services

Part of the Residence Visa Process you will be required to Make a Medical Checkup by the Authorized Hospital/Centre , here we can assist in arranging to Pick you up from your Home or Work Place and assisting you in medical test paper work as fast as possible with our specialized team , then drop you back to your location.

Insurance Services

We Support you in obtaining insurance which will meet your expectation whether its Health insurance for the employers or employees with the best insurance company and competitive rate , or Vehicles Insurance, Workmen Compensation and many services you may require with Insurance Companies

Traffic Department Services

Support in all related Matters for the Vehicles Registrations, De-registration, Transfer, Renewal including Vehicles Testing Facility  and Plate Numbers Fixing, and Drivers License , who wish to Issue, Replace, Renew his driving license or Add Category to his we provide guidelines with updated rules of the Government for the same.

Domestic Helpers Visa

Most of the Residents in UAE who may need to recruite an helper to assit thier famiy members in Home , where they confuse on the Visa Cost, Process and time Frame , where here we support the transperant service of Domcetic Helper Visa process in issuing and canceling the visas whenver requirerd on the best services in the Market

Notary Public Services

all your needs to know on the process of Granting an Power of Attorney to any delegate who may needs to represent you with government, semi-government or private sector , here we assist in drafting , executing the same as per your needs
Visa Services:
 Employment Visa
 Mission Visa
 Schengen Visa
 Domestic Helper
 Golden Visa
 Investor Visa
Security Passes:
 CICPA Passes
 PRO Card
 File Creation
 Letter of Assitance
Amending Passes
 Typing Passes
Notary Public:
Power of Attorney
 Addendum to Articles
    Share Sale / Buy
Police Services:
 Driving License
 DL Exchange
  Police Clearance 
 Vehicles Licenses 
 Vehicle Testing
 Road Permit
Licenses Services:
Legal  Form Change
Activity Amendment
  License Liquidation
  Partners Change